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180m2 simple American style, romantic and welcoming, life should be like this!

The decoration of this house is based on an elegant and dignified modern American style, with the addition of young petty elements to the details. The porch uses tile as a paving material, combined with a wall-mounted shoe cabinet and a built-in shoe-changing stool, with a metal-framed candle light, allowing people to feel the artistic atmosphere of the atmosphere when they enter the door. The living room is paved with antique brick floor, with elegant modern American-style framed wall, connected with exquisite paintings on the wall, luxurious and elegant furniture, the whole living room gives a unique high-end luxury atmosphere; the same TV wall Based on the latex paint of the milk coffee color, the shape of a line border on the table, the whole space is especially warm and romantic; the sofa wall is the same as the TV wall, with a symmetrical metal wall lamp, with young and fashionable The black and white decorative painting gives an elegant and generous feeling; the modern and elegant American fabric sofa, with the metal frame of the glass coffee table, looks luxurious and upscale and young and generous; the restaurant’s small round table, combined with the kitchen half-slit at the window position In addition to eating, this window seat is a very comfortable and comfortable leisure space; the open kitchen floor is tiled, while the wall is antique retro brick, with white cabinet panel, the whole The space is extraordinarily elegant and petty; the aisle, the sofa wall is close to the aisle, there is also a bright yellow chest of drawers, posing with Zen The decoration, the whole space is extraordinarily stylish and cheerful; the corridor adopts the diagonal bricks that are always in the living room, and the simple frame shape at the end of the corridor, with retro elegant chandeliers, the whole space looks romantic and warm; The bedroom wall is also a milk coffee latex paint, which is romantic, comfortable and elegant under the setting of the bay window. The combination of the dressing room and the cloakroom is romantic and elegant, with a sense of temperament; the bathroom with blue and white tones is cut off by a water-blue glass, with a modern American-style atmosphere, and the whole space looks elegant and elegant!

180m2 simple American style, romantic and welcoming, life should be like this!

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