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79 flat penthouse duplex design, this living room is as beautiful as a garden

The penthouse complex with a floor area of ​​79 square meters, the entrance door of the house is in the middle, the left and right sides are separated by corridor aisles and stairs, all have a good lighting environment, I think this living room is designed very well, with green plants, bookshelves, The recreation area is like a small garden. The corridors of the homes not only use the space below the stairs to make storage, but also make a row of top cabinets, plus a comfortable card seat as a shoe bench and leisure area, which is practical and beautiful. On the side of the entrance hall is the living room space. The floor of the living room continues the six-sided brick design of the entrance. The TV background wall has a fireplace shape, and the sofa background wall has been changed into a wall-mounted bookcase. Coupled with the surrounding green plants and comfortable fabric sofas, single chairs, etc., the entire living room has storage, can read books, leisure, and enjoy the breath of nature, making people feel very comfortable. The kitchen was combined, the floor was paved with creative tiles, the dining table was chosen for folding styles, and it was extended and widened when needed. The small balcony outside the kitchen was also converted into a laundry room. . The bathroom sink was placed outside the door and made into a double basin design. It is convenient for daily use. The porch Nakajima cabinet separates the bathroom from the entrance hallway to form two narrow passage spaces. The design of the master bedroom is relatively simple, the photo wall is designed on the bedside wall, and the bedside table also has a simple style, with gray bed and honeycomb pattern bedding, simple and fun. The second bedroom on the first floor is designed with a tatami room and a glass partition between the restaurant. It is used as a spare bedroom and lounge area. It is very practical to match the top cabinet. The stair wall leading to the second floor attic has a photo wall design and the other side uses glass as a handrail guardrail. The first space after going up the stairs is the study, with glass as a partition, and the light is brighter. The attic bedroom on the second floor has a sloping skylight, the bed is placed in the middle, the cabinets are made on the side, and then the green plants and the soft colors of the colors give a fresh feeling.

79 flat penthouse duplex design, this living room is as beautiful as a garden

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