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150m2 simple wind decoration, let’s take a look at it

The living room is retro industrial leather sofa with a retro coffee table in the middle, showing different styles. On the blank wall of the restaurant area, a slightly dramatic Rafir portrait oil painting is added. Under the illumination of the light, the color and space are specially matched. The classical aesthetic image and the modern art technique collide, which sets off the difference in space temperament. In the master bedroom, the medieval retro single reading chair and the metal small bookcase add a leisure area to the bedroom, making the corner of the window more casual and smart, with a floor-to-ceiling reading light, under the blinds, every home space. Corners are places where you can rest and reflect the quality of life. The blackboard wall position of the study room is the refrigerator position of the restaurant, and the space is misplaced by the wall, which is just on the left and right sides, and the work of the respective needs is done. The bathroom basin suspended in the bathroom is conducive to the placement of daily necessities. The inlaid basin solves the problem of insufficient size. The fish-bone wall tile echoes the form of the floor. Two metal wall lamps and wash mirrors meet the lighting and dressing needs. At the same time, in the background of white fish bones spelling wall tiles, it has more texture and value!

150m2 simple wind decoration, let's take a look at it~

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