Pajamas from the Forbidden City, Chinese style, especially beautiful

The pajamas have Chinese-style embroidery elements and are inspired by the Forbidden City. The fabric is delicate and silky, with a water-like luster, and with a delicate embroidery pattern, it is very high-grade. The Chinese style is rich in color and bright. The designer is Zheng Chengyuan, a student at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She designed the pajamas with modern design concepts and the traditional elements of the Forbidden City. Especially popular with young people. In design, there is both the classical and romantic style of Chinese style, but also the sense of fashion. It balances the complexity of Chinese wind embroidery elements and the simplicity and simplicity of the overall design. Three colors, the choice of classical Chinese color. Red, just like the Palace Palace’s palace wall red, bright and eye-catching in the bright, black and black as ink, quiet and deep. Blue-green, radiant colors, and silky fabrics match very well, and as the light and shadow changes very vividly, it seems to flow out at any time. The pajamas feature a classic white edging that contrasts with the intense classic colours and is stylish and generous.

Pajamas from the Forbidden City, Chinese style, especially beautiful

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