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85m2 family of three, the decoration design is minimalist!

The porch, the first action of the first facade of the home after going home, is to take off the shoes. Therefore, in addition to the entrance cabinet, a very convenient seat area for changing shoes is very necessary. Kitchen double II design layout, living room view and kitchen share TV background wall, simple TV background wall, not too much decoration, but the increase of locker elements, the master bedroom design from the bedside partition The storage that extends to the closet, the details of the storage are in a living atmosphere, maintaining the gray tone, and the dressing table, the metal frame is perfect for solving the storage problem. The children’s room is further upgraded, in addition to the simple living function, there are children’s The most innovative part of the combination of play and learning functions is the pink leaf wall lamp on the wall and the combination of the wardrobe and the folding bed.

85m2 family of three, the decoration design is minimalist!

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