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118m2 “Industrial Wind” home, quality interpretation of exquisite life!

Rich industrial wind elements, the living room and the same color antique brick floor constitute the basic color of space. The red bricks on the balcony – brass coffee table and plumbing lights add a sense of vintage. Soft sofas and rugs add a warm atmosphere. The living room balcony features a narrow-frame glass sliding door, and a large area of ​​translucent glass allows for easy sunlight. The favorite is the barn door, facing the living room, facing the bedroom is a wooden veneer, when the two spaces open unobstructed when opened, it is a textured wall. During the construction, the master made the wood base layer on the spot, attached the wood veneer and then wrapped the iron, and then repeatedly painted and polished to make a mottled texture, and finally made such a natural effect. The color of the table is reddish brown similar to the brick wall, and the combination of the chair and bench can save some space and is more interesting to use. The entire kitchen space uses a lot of brick elements, the kitchen area is oil-resistant black tiles, and the dining table is the original red brick, and the opposite brick wall is treated as a broken pattern. The three brick walls echo each other and form a contrast, giving the entire space a sense of design. The master bedroom continues the tone of a large area of ​​gray, and the blinds reflect a variety of light and shadow, adding a warm and aura to the space. The Latin letters on the cement wall with the lamp, the red brick wall with the wooden shelf, and the warm and flowing light, create a warm and quiet working corner. The brass material in the bathroom is fully utilized here, the wash basin, the wall lamp, the frame… with the beautiful tiles, bringing a mysterious and retro charm.

118m2 "Industrial Wind" home, quality interpretation of exquisite life!

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