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138m2 stylish, practical and comfortable design, let’s take a look!

The living room is connected to the balcony and the sunshade is used to separate the space. When the curtains are open, the space is very transparent and full of light. The cabinets easily block the transparency of the space, so there are not many cabinets and other decorations on the walls. The restaurant and living room use different coloured walls to distinguish between the two areas. The color of the restaurant is quite rich. The biggest change is three bedrooms. In two bedrooms + a cloakroom, the bedroom is lighter in color and the low-saturation color makes it feel more relaxing. A row of small bookcases are on the side, books are neatly arranged for easy reading at night, and the second bedroom is relatively cute and can be reserved for future babies. The kitchen design concept is warmer and brighter. Due to the limited space in the kitchen, the choice of glass sliding doors, that is, does not take up space, can also increase interaction, the kitchen from the leftmost sink, to cut vegetables, stoves, mobile lines and more convenient. The bathroom shower curtain is semi-enclosed wet and dry separation design, and the space is relatively spacious. One of the original three rooms became a cloakroom + learning two-in-one space. The usage rate of the two is not high and it is not easy to overlap!

138m2 stylish, practical and comfortable design, let's take a look!

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