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185m2 simple black and white gray decoration, simple and natural!

The wall without any decoration is simple, clean and modern. The white rose of the gray glass bottle is matched with the black and white coffee table, which is fresh and elegant, which makes the living room comfortable and romantic. White blinds ensure a good light in the living room. Grey water-patterned tiles decorate the TV background wall. The restaurant and kitchen are located on the side below the stairs, and the open plan design makes the space more spacious and bright. Using the duplex design from the first floor to the second floor, the designer arranges the kitchen under the stairs on the first floor, which is convenient for the owner to eat and make full use of the space. White + log spiral staircase, elegant atmosphere. The bedroom brings the black and white ash to the extreme, a faint yellow light, bringing the cold space back to the warm zone. Light green butterfly-like chandeliers, canary wall lights, small tents, cute and full of childlike fun, give children a happy childhood. Create a tea room on the balcony, transparent glass windows bring a lot of sunshine, while ensuring a comfortable environment, rainy days, windy days, you can drink tea chat, see the scenery here.

185m2 simple black and white gray decoration, simple and natural

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